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What we do...



We conduct research and  due diligence to determine the target market for your product in South Africa, compile all the neccesary information relating to sales projections, margins, consumer take-up and timelines  for presentation to you prior to any marketing budget being spent.


We will also notify you of any regulatory issues and permit / licensing requirements that may be required prior to launching your brand. Knowing your potential market is key to your success.




We employ alternative marketing methods and a mix of intuition and consumer trend insight when planning activation campaigns for your brand. First and foremost though is conveying a sense of trust in your brand. After all, consumer loyalty is built on the trust that they have in your brand and what it stands for.


Activations take on many and varied forms and we have successfuly executed brand activations that are both cutting edge and memorable. 




Our brand launch campaigns take into consideration all of the research and data gathered during the activation process, consumer feedback as well as trends that we forecast for the brand. Launch campaigns are carefully planned and executed with precision to ensure that once your brand has been launched, that it has staying power and consistency in the hearts and minds of consumer

There are many brands that fail at this crucial phase because of poorly devised planning.




Our company will ensure correct procedure is followed when importing your brand into South Africa. Insurance, in transit and stoge facilities will be in place before the consignment arrives. Customs documentation will be submitted timeously and be completed correctly in advance. We currently import products from Europe, UK, USA and New Zealand.




Our in house marketing team are a force of nature. The energetic, exuberance projected and employed with each brand and product is legendary. Marketing is an ongoing excercise and we maintain a finger on the pulse of trends that affect your brand. We employ a fluid approach with alternative "out-of-the-box" concepts to ensure that any interaction with your brand is memorable.



We have a national distribution footprint with hubs throught South Africa in all major cities. Sales executives will ensure that your product is placed in all retail outlets. Merchandisers will be checking your product in stores weekly to ensure that placement is correct and that products always look their best. Replenishment calls are done on a fortnightly basis to ensure that your product is always available.




Our company holds trade agreements with related companies in neighbouring sub Saharan African countries, this allows us to export your brands and offer you the same services offered in South Africa on a broader scale and into Africa.


Care was taken in selecting the partners that we work with in neighbouring countries and relationships have been built over time. We can confidently assure you that your brand will receive the same dedication and respect as if we were doing it ourselves.




This is often a neglected but crucial area when launching and distributing new and especially niche brands. We ensure that accurate reports are generated on a quarterly basis, pointing out trend changes, brand activity and progress in capturing market share.


As with all new brands and products we aim at achieving reasonable market share within the shortest possible timeframe, this is only made possible with accurate forecasting and reporting.